Education is the most important industry to be involved in. It is the space where the next leader, tech genius, and inventor will all travel before he or she blossoms into amazing they shall be.As far as I’m concerned, education will only do one of two things for us as a society and as a people. It will either give students the tools to promote and continue the current structure of society. Or education will give people the tools and resources to change the current structure if society for the better.
We call one of these two indoctrination and the other education. I assume you can decipher which is which. 
When we think about the time in history when public school was created, we see industrialization. A time of factories and steam powered everything was the way of life. Factories and steel had overtaken the world. In preparation to meet the future needs of more workers coupled with the need for people to provide food and shelter for their families, we see the decision makers of society taking action. They created public education. They created the future workers. Every recognized member of society would have the opportunity to learn -and for free. At least that was the pitch giving to the general public. More importantly is the curriculum from which they would learn. You guessed it. It’s specifically those tools needed to promote and turn the wheels of industrialism. Namely, they are taught to carry out the status quo. 
In the last few years, education has become a major topic of discussion and investigation. There are many reasons for the national debate. However, the main reason that this has come to the forefront and the national stage is not one built entirely on the strategy and knowledge of the puppet masters. Nor is it the complete uprising of people trying to reclaim the system. Both of these are a part of the dynamic change that’s occurring across the world, the other and main reason has more to do with the setting, and less to do with the inhabitants. 
The current form of education was designed for industrialization, built an models on the wants and needs of industrialization. The truth is, industrialization is a thing of the past. With its passing away, those things built and designed in its image shall do the same. As a result, bye bye to the traditional way of educating society. 
People have always wanted to change the system, but with this truth, the advantage goes to reforms and change. Most people will be resistant. That’s human nature. Most people are resistant to change. Even if that change is for the better. They will naturally resist. Most people also pay $50,000 for a Car that they leave parked all day, while they work at a job that they hate, to pay for the house that they leave unoccupied all day so that they can raise a family that they don’t spend nearly as much time with. That’s not human nature. But the majority of the population cope with it just fine and the will resist changing from it.

The passing of the Industrial Age and the birth of the Information Age has created an entirely new market. This new market is a global one not bound by the boarders of countries or geography. They are international. There are MOOCs and online universities. There are apps for grading homework and apps that solve the math problems once you take a picture of the problem. I send my students 4 minute video clips on every topic that we study in the classroom for their assistance during HW. Charter and other alternative schools are popping up everywhere and students spend more focused time on the digital world than they do in the actual classroom. It’s debatable if they learn more in the classroom or on the Internet. 

It’s a different world, and the same tool can’t be used to solve the old world’s problems. Those that are most capable and able to solve the problem should be the ones to do so. In this case, those that are most In tune with a digital society. The only way that we can solve the problems of today and prevent some of the problems of the future is to find those people most equipped, and to pair the wisdom of the past generations, the elders. We need to out the wisdom with the know how. 

To you Millennials I say, “You are the know how. We must earn the wisdom of the elders. The world is yours!”


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